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Checkmate Mortgages

Financial Services Organisation

Executive Assessment and Psychometric Testing


Checkmate Mortgages are a new business specialising within the mortgage industry. They are backed by Rothschild’s and have offices within London and Farnborough. The Company is in start up mode currently with a view to launching the products May 2009.

The Contract

Checkmate Mortgages were looking to source a Head of Finance and Risk and commissioned us to assess the short-listed candidates. We described our AxiomSmart methodology and explained the suite of testing that we would deploy. Both of our directors are members of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and as such are qualified to administer any of the tests on the market. Level A and Level B have been awarded to the relevant individuals within Axiom for this purpose.

Duration of Contract

The timescale of the process took 24 hours and was all administered on line.

The Services

Axiom deployed the AxiomSmart testing suite, which comprises of abstract, verbal and numerical testing as well as psychometric profiling. These tests are used in conjunction with face-to-face interviews to get a rounded picture of each individual assessed. Axiom decided which tests to administer and assess on the basis of the type of individual sought.

The Requirement

The brief was to provide an insight as to the potential fit for an individual undertaking a role of this nature within Checkmate Mortgages.

The Solution

It was decided to use the online tests from Team Focus, a partner company of Axiom, as these tests would give the strongest indication of suitability in this instance. Verbal, abstract and numerical reasoning tests were undertaken at the appropriate level for senior executives. In addition the profiling test 15FQ (similar to 16PF) was undertaken.   

The Outcome

The client was very pleased with the information and the structure it was delivered to them. The repost covered all aspects of what they were looking to gain insight to from and interview perspective. In addition, Axiom highlighted areas that would need further exploration and suggested questions to help the interviewer for the final stages.