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IT Technology Organisation

Gap Analysis of competitor processes within a market



CSC is a major IT infrastructure and consulting organisation. They have identified need in the market to undertake a confidential ‘gap’ analysis of the industry with a specific requirement to identify the use of offshore professionals.

The Contract

CSC wanted to identify a method of engaging with offshore resource in order to make their offering competitive with regards to certain skill sets within the marketplace. In particular, they wanted to utilise testing and application specialist from offshore areas to engage with their clients in Europe.

Duration of Contract

The assignment was for the specific gap analysis and was commissioned for duration of 15 working days.

The Services

Axiom deployed researchers to identify the potential gaps in the marketplace that could be exploited by the use of offshore resource. Axiom, in conjunction with CSC decided which companies to target in order to penetrate the market. A series of detailed interviews with representatives for each of the target companies was then conducted, and specific questions were asked in order to achieve an outline for the processes within each company. The results were collated into one flow diagram in order to understand how each competitor undertook the process to be understood by CSC.

The Requirement

The brief was to provide an insight into a solution that CSC could deploy in order to compete with its competitors for offshore services.

The Solution

Detailed research and one on one interviews with representatives of the target companies resulted in the information gathering exercise. Once the market information had been collated, a simple analysis of the best route to market could be undertaken. A report was outlined and conclusions made as to the most effective use of offshore resource.  

The Outcome

The report detailed the most effective use of offshore resource and the benchmark costs of employing the resource. It compared the methods and costs of the competitors in order to give CSC a competitive advantage when considering utilising this method in the future.