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Vehicle Leasing Organisation

Star profiling and assessment



Hertz Europe is the major supplier of rental vehicles in the European marketplace. The business is driven by vehicle utilisation and as such has a heavy reliance of accurate financial reporting and analysis. As such, there was seen as a requirement to identify talent within the finance function.


The Contract

Hertz Europe wanted to identify talent within their finance function.

Duration of Contract

The initial consultation was included in the price and identified the nature of the work to be undertaken and who should be identified within the ‘star’ profiling framework. It was decided that 20 individuals were to be included in the sample to be profiled. The work was completed within one month of commission.

The Services

Axiom deployed the star profiling aspects of the AxiomSmart testing suite to encompass the necessary skill based and psychometric tests to be deployed. As these individuals were numerate by definition, as all accountants or MBAs, it was decided to focus upon their personal attributes and abstract reasoning. It was felt that if we could identify the exceptional leaders within the general pool, it would be these extra elements of their characters and ability that we would want within the function.

The Requirement

The objective was to ascertain the brightest stars within the finance function that would help Hertz Europe deliver the required objectives going forward.

The Solution

The AxiomSmart ‘star’ profile template used the abstract and psychometric testing, combined with one-to-one competency based interviews and evaluation, to assess each of the chosen individuals from within the finance function. The results were then aggregated and measured against a specific norm group comparable with the sample tested.  The report delivered to Hertz Europe was very specific in each skill set and measurement and was an objective measure of the individual’s ability to influence and add value to Hertz Europe when compared to the Company objectives.

The Outcome

It was ascertained that 7 of the 20 individuals assessed would be the most influential in driving the finance function within Hertz Europe forward to complete the goals it had set for itself. The report demonstrated that these potential ‘stars’ could be types of individual sought in the open market. If Hertz was considering which type of person best suited its company environment, it should seek similar people to the identified ‘stars’ when considering sourcing new employees into the finance function. It was also identified that the potential ‘gaps’ should be filled with people that compliment these ‘stars’, as the ethos of the finance function is a team orientated structure. This was a very important conclusion and one that Hertz Europe readily embraced in order to grow a successful and effective finance department.