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Global IT Technology Organisation

Two Account Directors


Electronic data Systems (EDS) is a global multi-billion dollar organisation that specialised in outsourcing Infrastructure and applications from its customers. It operates within both the private and public sectors. In the UK it works with the MOD and on defence related activities as well as other major Government departments.

The Contract

Andrew Mills, VP, awarded an exclusive and retained contract in conjunction with the Hunan Resources department, to commission a search for two individuals operating within the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and packaged goods sectors. A copy of the Assignment Specification is available on request. The contract was commissioned on 10th January 2007.

Duration of Contract

The timescale of the process is outlined within the contract. The retained search and selection process and timing of events is put together specifically for each client, depending upon client and candidate availability, and any other commitments. In general, the process will take eight weeks on average to complete.

The Services

Axiom developed a targeted listing of potential individuals within the competitor companies. Axiom has relatively few ‘off-limits’ agreements, when compared to the larger search firms, and as such has the ability to offer a wider pool of potential candidates in the market. The research team was briefed with an assignment brief, a script developed for calling candidates and the research commissioned.  One full time consultant and four researchers were appointed to deliver the assignment.

The Requirement

EDS were looking to penetrate the FMCG and consumer marketplaces with larger programme wins. It was felt that in order to do this they would need ‘sector’ specialists who knew the outsourcing, infrastructure and applications space in detail. These ‘heavyweight’ individuals would have the ability to have a sector client base from which to sell into.

The Solution

The research work generated a number of suitable candidates from across the United Kingdom and Europe. Interviews were conducted at 5 centres and a shortlist of eight candidates drawn up. These individuals had an assessment style interview day and a presentation that Axiom developed and administered.

The Outcome

Two individuals were appointed who both came from major IT organisations working within the relevant marketplaces. Both individuals had experience of the outsourcing arena and had a demonstrable track record of managing major programmes within this sector.