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Do you need a business case for Equality?

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Focusing on business needs had been a critical success factor in all of the examples of success.  This does not mean that Equality and Diversity must have a business case to be the right thing to do.  Prof Binna Kandola OBE was sceptical about the need for a business case and also cynical that ‘you can make a business case for almost anything it doesn’t mean that it works in practice, as the bonus culture in the city illustrates!’  He went on to question, ‘why does diversity need a separate business case? Talent is the business case’.

According to Kandola, the focus needs to be on creating the conditions for people to perform well. i.e people need to feel included and part of the team, if they are respected for what they bring to the team and valued for their contribution they will perform at their best.  The challenge for organisations both private and public is to release talent by creating inclusive workplaces and teams.  The business case makes the diversity debate about economics when it is actually about values.  ‘Making the most of all your people – that is what is important and makes business and moral sense!