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Practical examples of organisations supporting equality and Diversity

A group of leading lights in the field of HR and Equality met recently to debate and share experiences of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to making equality and diversity ‘live’ in organisations. Angela O’Connor, Chief People Officer, National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) chaired a dinner debate which was sponsored by Axiom Executives. The group explored the difference between thinking in the private sector and thinking in the public sector regarding equality and diversity. In the private sector equality and diversity is understood as talent management and particularly in retail it affects profits positively if your workforce reflects your customer base.  Talent management is less well developed in the public sector, where recruitment is narrowly focused on recruiting to a specific role rather than to an organisation.  Practical examples highlighted included:

The group concluded that the business case for equality is the same as that for talent management.  That Equality and Diversity is both very simple and very complex and that HR teams sometimes lack the analytical skills to understand its complexity.  There remains significant scope to improve diversity and inclusion in organisations and good people management can make the difference between success and failure in equality and diversity.

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