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axiom executive for candidates

Our approach is based on the belief that what we do for a living can add immense value and worth to our lives. For most people their career is the second most important thing after their family and personal relationships.

We aim to build long term relationships, encourage openness, build trust and keep in touch with you regularly. As a trusted partner we would hope to develop your success - which in turn will develop ours.

axiom executive for clients

We will help you attract and secure the right people needed to give your business a competitive advantage.

By working closely with you to understand both your skills and experience requirements and the culture of your business, we can help you plan and successfully recruit the people who will be able to deliver results faster and more effectively.

executive search

Our Executive search applies the Axiom Smart process to the traditional headhunting approach.

advertised selection

The Axiom Smart process has a proven track record in the successful completion of high profile advertised assignments across both the Finance, Change and Transformation sectors.

contingent recruitment

We maintain an extensive database of candidates currently seeking a change

We meet with all candidates who have relevant skill sets and conduct screening interviews. The screening process focuses on career history to date, future aspirations, reasons for moving, presentation as well as remuneration.

We shortlist candidates based on a job specification provided by the client.

Contingent Recruitment is conducted on a completion basis only, so no fee is payable unless a successful placement is made.

interim placements

Interim Placements are conducted on a completion basis only, so no fee is payable unless a successful placement is made.

“...don’t waste time on outdated methods when it comes to looking for skilled individuals...”

“ least 40% of all recruiters’ time is spent sorting through resumes...”