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About Axiom Financial Services

“...we can capture the

‘movers & shakers’...”

The requirement for the highest caliber financial services specialists has never been higher since the formation of our modern banking and insurance markets. In order to survive and prosper in a climate of extreme cost control, regulatory scrutiny and political pressure companies are increasingly looking to their senior executives to provide greater leadership and technical excellence. It is in this pursuance that the Axiom Financial Services Division through its network built up over twenty years can provide you in the short and long term the levels of talent required, not only for survival but to provide you with the platforms necessary to outperform your specific markets.

axiom FS interim:

Whether it is the planning and control of a key change programme, the transition of systems or the updating of key metrics, the need for a regulation is ever more common in today’s highly pressurised environment.

The need to replace senior directors at very short notice is critical. Interim managers add value, experience and stability immediately and are typically used by institutions whose agenda and perspective is driven towards change, transition and improvement.

Axioms specialist financial services interim managers can quickly and efficiently take up the gauntlet.

Recent appointments include:

Interim CFO – International Retail Bank

Solvency II Programme Director – General Insurance

Interim Integration Director – Major (UKFI) Organisation

IFRS (phase II prep) Consultant – Life Business

Interim Chief Risk officer – Global Insurance Company

SOX/MiFID/BASEL II Delivery team – US Investment Bank

Axiom FS Search

Axiom delivers senior professionals within Asset Management, Wealth Management, Consumer Financial Services and the general and life Insurance Sectors. With the evolving global market place significant change has occurred over the last 15 years. Axiom has positioned itself to deliver within these markets. Recent compliance activity, particularly within the insurance sector has resulted in growth within this specific sector.

Recent appointments include:

Head of commercial – German Investment Bank

CIO – UK Securities business

Customer services director – re insurance provider

Head of Strategy – retail bank