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People often ask us what differentiates Axiom from its’ competitors?

What is our USP?  Our answer is axiomsmart .  

With axiomsmart we have developed a framework to ensure you recruit the best people for your organisation and get the very best from the individuals you recruit.  We hope that this helps you understand what differentiates Axiom.  

We have divided this into three distinct tools available to you;

gap analysis

When you have a need to recruit a role you will have a good understanding of the skills you need to employ, to do the role in question.  You probably also subconsciously hope to use this as an opportunity to compliment your team with any personal attributes you consider are lacking, and so create a greater balance within your team.  We help you make this a conscious decision.

how do we do this?

Our methodology involves the testing of individuals within the team/department who are most closely linked to you and this job (likely to be your direct reports).  They will be given a numerical, verbal and Psychometric test.  The results will give us a clear picture of the gaps within your team.

talent profiling

Some organisations feel that only certain individuals with specific backgrounds and a certain level of intellect will be successful within their organisation.  This is when it is essential that, we, as your recruiters, understand clearly what distinguishes these candidates against others.  

how do we do this?

You will need to inform ourselves of who you perceive to have all the necessary skills and personality traits to be successful within your organisation.  We would need to profile at least three individuals.  They will be given a numerical, verbal and Psychometric test.  The results will give us a clear set of criteria to work with.  As an exercise this will also have very positive effects for you since it gives you a further opportunity to highlight to these individuals their value to yourself and within the business as a whole.

transition coaching – the first 3 months

Transition coaching can add real value to maximize your new recruits potential.  Whilst currently any consultant would be expected to keep in contact with their candidate throughout their probation period (as a minimum) more often than not this does not happen effectively.  We have proven that by offering an external coach who can be available 24/7 for the first three months of their tenure is highly beneficial.   How are they settling into the new environment?  Is the job as it was sold during the interview process?  Are they receiving the support they would expect from their line manager? For e.g. this means any potential issues/misunderstandings can be dealt with immediately.

Here at Axiom we use this methodology on our own consultants as part of their quarterly reviews.  This allows us to be clear of the benefits you will reap by implementing the above tools.