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Axiom Internet Methodology

Many organisations are still relying on outdated, expensive methods such as newspaper classifieds and search firms to locate candidates.

Newspaper advertisements may have worked to find top talent in the past but Internet recruitment sites are where the skilled individuals of the present and future are looking for jobs.

Our research shows that in the past 4 years the number of employees hired from advertisements posted on the Internet has grown from 9 percent of all hires to almost 37 percent.

As an expert recruiter, Axiom will look to utilise the Internet to achieve the maximum relevant exposure to the target audience required to fulfil a vacancy.  We will combine networking, search and other methods with Internet mining and advertising to gain maximum competitive advantage for our clients within the marketplace. We think the benefits of online are:


Cost can be measured two ways – the actual sterling amount paid for the recruitment advertisement and the cost associated with the amount of time a recruiter spends identifying a potential candidate. Off-line printed media is still expensive and the response levels are dwindling as the Internet takes over.

The cost of the posting is not the only way recruitment affects a company’s bottom line.  We estimate at least 40 percent of all recruiters’ time is spent sorting through resumes.  What if you could streamline this process by adding screening questions to your job postings?  Candidates could answer a short series of questions and automatically be screened “in or out” and automatically receive a response depending on the criteria you’ve established.  This could free up your recruiters time for more productive, revenue generating tasks.


No more paying per column centimetre like traditional newspaper advertisements.  Most online recruitment companies allow unlimited space or more space in their job description categories, allowing you to be more specific about the type of person you are looking to hire.  This also provides more space for you to sell your organisation to potential job seekers.  The more information a candidate has about your organisation before they apply the better.

People who are not interested will self-select out and leave you with a talent pool of more specified candidates.  By saving your recruiters the time of weeding through these candidates, it saves your organization money!


Although your recruiters might not be available 24 hours per-day, 7 days a week to accept resumes, your online job postings are.  Many job seekers are currently employed and looking to make a change.  It can be difficult for these “passive” candidates to apply for positions not posted online as their present employers fill their time during traditional business hours.


Almost every job board has the functionality for job seekers to apply for positions instantaneously.  Frequently online recruitment companies allow job seekers to store their resumes and cover letters online, meaning they only need to click a button to be able to send their information to a potential employer.  This increases ease of communication between the job seeker and the recruiter, no longer is applying for a job such a long and tedious process.


What happens when the Sunday newspaper misprints your ad or misrepresents something?  You have to wait for the next edition to be printed, pushing your search back by an entire week. If you have a misprint on the Internet, you can go in and change it yourself – instantly.  No more waiting for someone else to get it right.

cross posting

There are several services available that will cross post the same position between several different job boards, again saving your recruiters time.  Instead of having to submit the position to several different newspapers, recruiters can enter the job posting into a centralized system and choose which job boards should receive the posting.

Internet recruitment doesn’t end with the job posting.  There is a trend throughout the entire recruitment process of using the Internet to streamline the process.

Talent management solutions, online assessment tests and Internet background investigation companies are just some of the tools available to help recruiters make sure they identify the best candidate available.

By utilising the Internet recruitment and selection tools available, you can make sure you help save your organisation time and money. Axiom will advise of the best site and solutions to deploy on a case by case basis or as a generic Internet solution for your company.